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Domain Registration Services in Coimbatore

Looking for Domain Registration Company in Coimbatore to register your start up then you have come to the right place, we OVHOZ is one of the leading domain registration companies in Coimbatore offering reliable domain registration services for the past eight years.

Why you need a reliable domain registrant?

Your domain name and your website is your front face and if you loose your domain, you loose your business identity. We OVHOZ is a reliable domain registrant having more than eight years of experience and having booked more than 1000 domains for customers all over the globe.

Domain Registering Process

Once you fix up a name or a brand for your business you need to search if your domain name is registered by some else and if not waste no time in contacting us for registering your domain name. Because domains can be registered by any one and it is open for any one so once you decide on the name it is wise to book your preferred domain name immediately.

How to choose a right Domain for your business?

Choosing your domain name is crucial for your online success, earlier people choose their product keyword as their domain name to keep up the competitive advantage in search engines. In 2012 when Google announced of removing the criteria in ranking exact match domain names, the whole scenario changed. Today there is no extra advantage of having exactly matched domain name. So here after there is no point in having long or hyphenated domain names to lure search engines. If you need a decent, successful domain name, avoid hyphens and long words domain names. Think this, even in today’s world you are selling your products and services to a human and it is quite natural, difficult to remember hyphenated or long domain name so it is smart to avoid the same. Do some research on your competitors and others in your same business you will get some ideas of their creative presentations. Be unique and choose small word domain to keep up the pace with the competitive environment. For your domain registration needs do contact us at or call +91 98430 59955


.com, .net 700 13
.org, .info 500 10
.biz 650 12
.name 700 13,, 700 13
.eu 700 13
.us 700 13
.in 350 9,,,,, 500 12
.mobi 1000 20
.asia 800 16
.ws 499.5 10
.tel 649.5 15
.cc 999.5 22
.bz 999.5 19.99
.mn 1999.5 39.99
.me 1349.5 26.99
.tv 1349.5 26.99
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dmca dont copyspace